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Where To Buy Wooden Salad Bowls [2021]

Large wood salad bowls and salad bowl sets are as eye-catching as they are functional. There's a reason why wood is the number one choice for a salad bowl. Because our big wooden salad bowls are handmade from premium American hardwoods, they'll grow more beautiful over time. And 15 years after the wedding, they'll still be gracing the table.

where to buy wooden salad bowls

John McLeod started his wood turning business over 50 years ago, and since then we have been very proud to offer the highest quality selection of wooden salad bowls available from the United States. There are many different shapes, styles, and woods to choose from, making it easy to find something for anyone. We're sure that whoever receives one of these will pass it on as a family heirloom for years to come.

If you fell in love with Daphne Oz's giant wood salad bowl, this is the next size up. (the 20" is sold out). A big thank you to Daphne Oz who featured our bowls with one of her delicious salads. It happened organically - not a paid promotion.

Wooden salad-bowl sets come in a variety of designs and shapes that will complement your aesthetic, including a boho, farmhouse-inspired vibe or contemporary and modern styles. Plus, they bring a natural yet elegant element to your table. Some of these large wooden salad bowls come with sleek and functional serving tongs, and others even include matching serving bowls. Shop our top picks ahead.

If you're in the market for a wide-brim salad bowl, the Molloy 7 Piece Salad Bowl Set ($99) is such a great find. It has a timeless, polished look, perfect for any table. Plus, it comes with four individual bowls and two salad hands.

The Woodard & Charles 7-Piece Wood Salad Bowl Set ($90) is made with rubberwood. The dark stain will make your space feel contemporary and pop with contrast. It comes with four individual salad bowls, a serving spoon, and a serving fork.

The EatServeWood Hand Carved Natural Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set ($150) is a lovely square-shaped set, perfect for a modern farmhouse vibe. It comes with six salad bowls, a serving fork, and a serving spoon.

Are you looking for modern wooden salad bowls? Here are some great looking modern wooden salad serving bowls, to take a look at. These salad bowls are large, and they are great for adding all the ingredients together and for mixing your salad. They are also great for presenting your salad at the dinner table - your colorful salad will look wonderful in these great looking wooden salad bowls.

The modern wooden salad serving bowls also make great centerpieces. If you are looking for a salad bowl, that will also look great on the dinner table and will be a great centerpiece, then take a look at these great looking wooden salad bowls.

Here is a great looking wooden salad bowl that is large enough for a big salad, and that will look great as a centerpirce on the dining table: Wooden Salad Bowl, this salad bowl is deep enough for a hearty sized salad and for mixing the salad ingredients together.

Here are the JustNile Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl. Handmade in Vietnam, these elegant, modern salad bowls are made from 100% natural bamboo. This all natural product brings that lovely wooden, natural touch to your table.

This is not your old school bowl. Created with a modern design in mind, the smooth exterior with lacquered wooden finish creates a modern, natural aesthetic.These salad bowls are lightweight and durable. Use this bowl to serve guests your delicious salad in modern style. And, use this bowl for potato chips, popcorn, appetizers and more!

More modern salad bowls! This generously sized salad bowl is perfect for serving salad or fruit or a centerpiece on a dining table. This salad bowl is crafted from natural, Acacia wood and features a unique grain that runs throughout.

More modern salad bowls! Pull together all your favorite ingredients to make your famous spinach salad or a beautiful fruit salad in this Harmony Salad bowl. The contrast of the deep wood against the bright greens and succulent elements enhances the appeal of your dish for a gourmet experience.The Harmony Salad Set was designed by Wei Young in the midcentury modern style, it features elegant lines and flowing curves done in rich, gorgeous acacia wood making it an instant classic in your kitchen. Paired with the unique tongs it is an unforgettable serving piece.

Pacific Merchants acacia wooden salad bowl sets are sustainable, and each piece is hand made from one solid piece of acacia wood. That means the bowl will not crack or warp, like other salad bowls which are made from little pieces of wood glued together. Acacia large wood salad bowls can be used for many purposes such as an acacia wood salad serving bowl, wood bowl for chips, a popcorn bowl or pasta serving bowl. Acaciaware acacia wooden bowls are also available as an acacia wood salad bowl set.

Acaciaware is made from acacia wood which is a hard wood with a tight grain. This superior material makes our wooden serving bowls resistant to water penetration, stain resistant and they will not pick up odors. Our acacia wood serving bowls, Acaciaware fruit bowls and acacia wood salad bowl sets will not crack or chip because the wood is so hard.

There are many sturdy and durable wood salad bowls on the market, but acacia wooden salad bowls are a great option. Acacia wood salad bowls come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect for wooden serving bowls for any occasion. Large wooden salad bowls are perfect as salad serving bowls, wooden fruit bowls, big salad bowls for pasta, and other foods. Acacia wood salad bowls are great for serving and are a perfect addition to any kitchen. Acaciaware makes nice acacia wooden salad bowl set for food. Big wooden bowls are perfect as a Cesare salad bowl, popcorn bowl, pasta serving bowl and other salad serving bowls. Wooden salad bowl sets are an appreciated wedding gift, for brides registry, house warming gifts as well as a wooden fruit bowl for the kitchen counter.

Acaciaware by Pacific Merchants Trading Company is the original eco-friendly acacia hardwood, harvested from privately owned lands. What is acacia? Acacia wood is naturally resinous hard wood that resists penetration by liquids. It will not stain or pick up odors. All of Pacific Merchants Acaciaware acacia wood bowls are hand turned from one solid piece of acacia hardwood and our other acacia wood items like our acacia wood plates. These Acacia hardwood servi