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From Table 8, it is observed that the temporal transferability of the joint models is generally higher than that of the base model in terms of the joint log-likelihoods and the root mean square errors (RMSE) with respect to the zonal CDR trips. Among the three joint models, Model 3 offers the best transferability, however, Model 2 gives the best prediction at the disaggregate level in both the estimation and the application contexts.

The Best of Both Worlds sub download

From the results, it is clear that Model 3 gives the best overall spatial and temporal transferability, however, the disaggregate performance of Models 1 and 2 as highlighted above shows that these parameter scaling approaches offer some benefits as well. These results present initial efforts to exploit the benefits of both household travel survey and mobile phone data to optimise the performance of travel behaviour models, and there is a need for further research using data from different contexts to investigate the different parameter scaling approaches in further detail.

From Table 10, it is observed that overall the joint models generally perform better than the base model in forecasting at both the aggregate and disaggregate levels. Among the three joint models, it is observed that Model 3 gives the best performance in terms of both the Root Mean Square Error and the average probability of correct prediction, while giving the least performance in terms of the predictive adjusted rho-square. However, from a forecasting point of view, aggregate performance is more critical, and Model 3 would offer more benefits.

better. PTP was designed for local networks with broadcast/multicast transmission and, in ideal conditions, the system clock can be synchronized with sub-microsecond accuracy to the reference time. NTP was primarily designed for synchronization over the Internet using unicast, where it can usually achieve accuracy in the single-digit millisecond range. As it's currently implemented in chrony and ntp, in local networks (again, in ideal conditions) the accuracy can get within tens of microseconds. However, accuracy in ideal conditions isn't the only thing that matters. There are usually other criteria that need to be considered - criteria like resiliency, security, and cost. As will be explained later, each protocol has some advantages over the other and the best choice actually may be to use them both (at the same time) in order to combine their respective advantages.

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