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Best Place To Buy A Photo Blanket

Now that Vistaprint is an established name with great printers, the company has expanded into the photo gift category, and custom photo blankets are just one such product. (We also reviewed a Vistaprint photo book and were quite impressed.)

best place to buy a photo blanket


Need a custom photo blanket and some matching pillows? Personalization Mall has you covered! This long-standing product lab has a great reputation when it comes to custom photo gifts, and the quality of its printing is amazing, too. Blanket images come out sharp, clear, and lovely.

Blankets are the warm friends that keep us cozy throughout our days and comfort us at night. Companies have noticed how useful they can be as a space for people to express themselves by making the best custom photo blankets featuring loved ones and personal moments.

When looking to jump into making your own photo blanket, I found there is no shortage of options. Read on to find out what things to keep in mind when finding a company that will create a great product that is true to your vision and needs.

The material a photo blanket is made out of is an extremely important choice. Fleece blankets are made from natural materials and are very soft and comfortable. They are also cheaper and easy to wash since they absorb water readily and dry quickly.

However, your fleece photo blanket is decently stain-resistant, so you can keep it in the living room for the whole family to enjoy. They are also hair and dust magnets, requiring regular washing to stay fresh.

When brainstorming your personalized blankets, play around with the different design interfaces and get familiar with them. It is possible to add backgrounds, text, and designs on top of the photos for an even more personal touch.

Companies with great value will offer free shipping, sharp quality, and better quality materials for under $100. If the blanket is going for less than $30, it may not be the best material quality and would not be the best overall value for the price.

I found mPix had the best value for the price they asked you to pay. They offer a beautiful plush blanket option in three sizes. They also offer excellent photo quality that looks like it will hold up over time.

Some companies offer woven options, which simulates a hand-stitched look. Those blankets typically make the image look even lower-resolution and reduce the color palette so they work best with simpler images.

I have printed my photos in just about every possible medium over the past 20 years, and that includes several photo blankets with huge pictures of my own face on them as gag gifts. For this list, we relied on personal experience, editorial reviews, user feedback, and feature comparisons in order to choose the best options.

Whether you call it a bedspread, duvet, bedcover or even a doona (like we do in Australia), a custom photo blanket is a fun project for you or a loved one, and definitely an original gift for a photographer.

Designed to accommodate various photo needs, you can select photo blankets that showcase a single photo or pick from a range of 15-22 images. And you can personalize your blanket even more with text that inspires or simply includes your name.

Available in a wide range of sizes, you can make your photo-based blanket 3040, 3854, 5060 or 6080 inches to match your preference. You can also select from either a vertical or horizontal orientation to best fit the blanket size and your photo choice.

Spruce up any space while enjoying next-level warmth with your Walmart Custom Blanket. Available in a variety of machine-washable fabrics, you can create your photo blankets in anything from soft fleece, extra-plush fleece, sherpa fleece or woven yarn.

Other options include sherpa fleece, which is slightly more lightweight and tends to boost photo quality a bit, and poly-cotton. Poly-cotton blankets offer the best traits of cotton and polyester with moisture-wicking and temperature-moderating abilities.

Different brands offer custom features like your family photo fully printed on one side or with photo and/or text, creating a collage, using various blanket materials like 100% recycled polyester, etc.

Verdict: CanvasChamp is one of the most universal canvas printing services, which offers a broad range of options. You can order photo blankets in any size, from blankets to custom blankets in king-size. Also, this company provides you with a wide range of materials, from standard fleece, plush fleece, and Sherpa to woven fabrics.

Verdict: Walgreens Stadium Blanket is another widely respected photo printing service when it comes to buying a photo blanket. If you are looking for a water-resistant material (they use soft mink with a water-resistant underlayer), this is the place to go. Also, you can customize your order by choosing other materials, such as arctic and plush fleece, plush Berber, and woven fabrics.

Verdict: Costco can print your images on a blanket in 50x60" and 60x80" sizes. They use non-woven and plush fleece on which they place your photo, stretching it from edge to edge. You can also create a collage of your images (up to 20) using one of the free photo collage makers.

The turnaround time is usually up to 7 days, so you can receive your blanket within a week. However, to place an order, you need to be registered as a member of the Costco Club, which is beneficial for you due to the discounts and services offered by the company.

Verdict: mPix uses highly-developed photo printing software to increase the quality of the prints to the maximum and give them a natural-looking but bright base color. The company offers several printing options for your photo blanket, such as a custom design, collages of your images, and text (up to 12 characters).

mPix uses only plush and makes blankets with images in a single size of 50x60". The turnaround time is short - 2-3 business days, plus additional time for delivery, and you will have your beautiful creative photo blanket in your hands

Material. On the one hand, there are several materials that manufacturers take as a basis for photo blankets - from fleece to plush fleece to Sherpa. The first one is the most widely used and comfortable material because it is super soft and can be cleaned in the washing machine. The disadvantage of the fleece blanket is its ability to absorb dust, which leads to frequent cleaning.

Cost/Quality Ratio. The average price of a non-woven photo blanket is less than $100, depending on your needs. Remember that a cheap product, in this case, is not quite the best because, in the long run, such a blanket will inevitably need to be replaced. And that is why I would not recommend you buy a blanket for a price below $30.

I didn't really know what to expect from That ... I've seen a lot of photo products fall well short of expectations. But I really wanted to give my daughter something special she can take into the college dorms when she starts next summer ... so I found the best pic I could of our two big Newfies ... and holy cow, it totally made Christmas for her! The photo came out perfectly, and the blanket itself was way better than I'd dare hope for. And now, you just KNOW I'm thinking about other pics to put on blankets!

Photos honor memories that you make with your loved ones. They capture those special moments celebrating a birthday or wedding and remind us of happy times. It's holiday season, and that means finding the best gift for a friend or family member. Spread joy and give them a visual gift of everything to do with photos!

This customizable photo blanket from Shutterfly is both functional and fun. Available in either fleece, plush fleece or sherpa material and a variety of sizes these blankets can be adorned with all your or your giftee's favorite photos and memories.

If you have a friend or family member who never fails to snap a photo on every occasion, this collage of Polaroid-style photos is the perfect gift. This art is available on Minted, an online marketplace where you can get specialty prints and goods from independent artists and designers. For this print, you can choose from a wide selection of frames and sizes, or get the art unframed. Here's a tip: The heart-shaped design makes for a great gift for your significant other, too.

Organize quick, of-the-moment snaps all in one place with this vintage-looking album that can safely store up to 120 photos from an instant camera. The album comes in seven different colors and textures, and there is also a notes section to write down a date and location.

Know anyone with an art collection? A painted version of a cherished photo may be their perfect gift. PaintYourLife features a team of professional portrait artists who recreate the photo using varied mediums, including oils, acrylic, charcoal, pencil or watercolor. These artists are committed to creating the best painting possible, allowing unlimited revisions and free online proofing.

This bestselling photo box pairs a standard-size photo with a soft linen fabric and satin ribbon to keep your momentos safe and sound. We love how the box includes a special storage space for a USB stick, making it easy to share meaningful photos and videos along with the box. This gift is perfect for anyone who likes to show and tell their favorite memories and keepsakes.

Customize this soft and cozy arctic fleece blanket with your favorite photos and optional text for a one-of-a-kind blanket. Use this blanket to keep warm while watching a movie in the house, take it to an outdoor sporting event or lay it down for a picnic or concert in the park. Such a great gift for any member of your family. Tip: Add more photos by clicking on the photo image icon when creating your blanket and place them in any order you like! Be sure to preview your blanket for maximum satisfaction before adding to your cart.

Easily document baby's first weeks, months and years with our versatile Photo Blanket & Milestone Set. Featuring our signature artisan illustrations and a ready-to-use baby age card set, each blanket offers a unique photo backdrop for scrapbooks and social media sharing. Perfect for swaddling, nursing, and snuggling between photo ops, too! 041b061a72


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