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Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 3d Hindi Torrent

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journey 2 the mysterious island 3d hindi torrent

the previews for journey 2: the mysterious island made it look better than it actually was. the movie was only slightly better than i was expecting. the premise for journey 2 was good. i enjoyed the idea, but the movie was taken to a really cheesy level.dwayne the rock johnson and josh hutcherson were truly the best part of this flick. they had good chemistry, and their characters and acting were decent. yes, they brought some cheese, but very little in comparison to other characters. vanessa hudgens was ok. she really didn't bring much to the table neither through the character or her acting. luis guzman's character was awful. he apparently was suppose to be the comic relief, but there was nothing funny about him or his jokes. his character actually brought the movie down in terms of its likability.i also found this movie to be somewhat flawed in its creation. for instance, the jelly fish should have been large, but instead were regular size. i realize this is a kids & family movie and wasn't created for extreme accuracy, or oscar wins. i, however, still enjoy consistency in my movies.journey 2: the mysterious island wasn't all that original, and extremely predictable. i pretty much knew everything that was going to happen before it happened. some aspects of this movie felt like they were straight out of honey i shrunk the kids.all-in-all, this movie was just alright. for a kid, it might have been much more enjoyable. for an adult, it was just too flawed, corny, and cheesy to amount to much.


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