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Revealing the Winning Strategy of Half Goal Handicap from the Pros

Looking to venture into football betting for extra income but unsure about the different bet types? Check out this post by Wintips to gain a better understanding of the half goal handicap, an easy-to-play, frequently winning bet often seen on betting boards!

What is Half Goal Handicap?

In football betting, the half goal handicap, also known as half ball handicap or 0.5 handicap, represented as 0.5 on the betting board, is a popular type of bet within the Asian Handicap system. These bets are typically offered by bookmakers when two teams are evenly matched, but one team holds a slight advantage due to being the home team.

Therefore, the half goal handicap can be simplified as the favored team giving a 0.5 goal advantage to the underdog team. This means for the favored team to win the bet, they must win by at least 1 goal margin against the underdog.

Understanding Win-Loss in Half Goal Handicap Betting

Understanding the half goal handicap isn't overly complicated, making it accessible for anyone to acess daily double football tips in this type of bet. Unlike a quarter goal handicap where there's a possibility of winning half the amount or losing half, this type of bet only has two outcomes: win or lose. Consequently, it's straightforward for players to determine the outcome when engaging in this bet. Here's how to interpret it:

If at the end of the match, the favored team wins, the player selecting the favored team wins the bet; otherwise, they lose. Choosing the underdog team means winning if the favored team loses or if both teams draw.

Example of Calculating Half Goal Handicap

To further clarify how half goal handicap works, let's follow this example provided by Wintips:

Based on the betting odds for the match between Austria vs. Hungary in the Euro season, Austria is favored and gives a 0.5 goal handicap to Hungary. With the odds of 0.84 for the favored team and 1.06 for the underdog, here's how the win-loss calculation works when placing a bet:

Scenario 1: Austria wins against Hungary => The player betting on the favored team wins. If they bet 100k, their winnings would be 100 x 0.84 = 84k. Meanwhile, the player betting on the underdog team loses 100k.

Scenario 2: Hungary wins against Austria or both teams draw => The player betting on the underdog team wins. If they bet 100k, their winnings would be 100 x 1.06 = 106k. Conversely, the player betting on the favored team loses 100k.

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Playing the 1/2 Handicap Bet Always Wins from Experts' Perspectives

According to the experts, the 1/2 handicap bet seems easy with a simple win-loss calculation. However, to increase the chances of winning the bet, here are some tips to consider:

Choosing suitable matches for placing the 1/2 handicap bet

The 1/2 handicap is a popular bet type frequently seen on the betting boards. However, not every match is favorable for this bet. Therefore, it's crucial to know how to choose a suitable match.

According to the experts, it's advisable to select matches where both teams have a significant performance gap to enhance the goal-scoring potential while playing the 1/2 handicap. Especially matches in major tourna