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The Allman Brothers Band Discografia [BEST] Download Torrent

After using DIME for maybe two years, several months ago on DIME I couldn't download torrents any longer. I have a positive share ratio and am VIP, so I didn't think they blocked my account. Still on my utorrent program it will say:[DHT] not allowed[Local Peer Discovery] not allowed[Peer Exchange] not allowed not authorized; don't hammer this tracker with multiple announcements for a torrent

the allman brothers band discografia download torrent

Download Zip:

Under my DIME username and the torrent I am trying to download it shows me as a leacher, but then also shows a port that is firewalled with a reason "connection timed out" and explanation "stealth firewall or overloaded bandwidth".

Speaking of Dime, I have another question. Why aren't ABB shows allowed on Dime ? I realize that the ABB doesn't allow electronic transfers of their live shows. I also realize that Dime doesn't allow any officially released material to be torrented. But I thought the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and many others (available on Dime) also didn't allow electronic transfers of live shows. Why can we get Dylan, the Stones, and many other non taper friendly bands, but no ABB on Dime ? 350c69d7ab


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